You are a real Superstar!

AKG by AdrenalWork



Low levels of alpha-ketoglutarate (AKG) and arginine lead to wrinkles, grey hair, less-than-healthy bones & muscles, and lack of stamina. And unfortunately, our AKG and arginine levels decline as we age, e.g., AKG blood levels drop 10-fold between the ages 40 and 80. 

Our researchers and physicians developed a supplement to help you boost your AKG and arginine levels, which when used in middle age can “reverse” traditional signs of aging, so you can: 

  • Look Younger!  Fewer gray hairs and wrinkles; improved skin texture and tone* 
  • Improve Gut Health!  Enhance nutritional absorption by protecting the intestinal barrier and fueling gut cells*  
  • Increase Energy & Stamina!  Low levels of arginine and AKG are associated with decreased energy and the inability to recover from physical activity*  
  • Strengthen Bones & Muscles!  Protect against bone and muscle degeneration and build new collagen* 


Take one tablet in the morning with 12 ounces of water.